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DPA Jakarta Launch on 12 April

Shared prosperity for Asia, by Asia

We bring together like-minded Asian companies in the digital space for local value creation and bridging economic inequality.

We are looking for more like-minded APAC companies that recognise the importance of growing the digital economy for local value creation and for shared economic prosperity across APAC to join the coalition.

An APAC-centric approach that combines bottom-up policy advocacy with social impact.

We are an Asia-centric Coalition

Representing voices of Asian companies of all sizes, supporting Asia best practices in the digital environment.

Speak Local. Be Local

Understand local policy priorities. Have local partners, a local impact, local connections and access to local market access and compliance support.

Policy Coordination

Give back to grow the local digital economy and promote business-friendly digital policies as government allies.

We Advocate For

1. Digital Trust
  • Key message 1: Digital Trust is crucial for the continued growth of the digital economy
  • Key message 2: Security and privacy are foundational pillars of digital trust
2. Emerging Technologies
  • Key message 1: Emerging Technologies are key in the digital transformation of economies
  • Key message 2: A skilled workforce is crucial in reaping the benefits that emerging technologies may bring
  • Key message 3: Governments need to embrace a culture of innovation by adopting regulations that adapt to emerging technologies
3. Inclusive Procurement for SMBs
  • Key message 1: An inclusive, effective public procurement system that is adaptable to new and emerging technologies supports growth of the digital economy
  • Key message 2: Fairness, level play field, and freedom of choice principles are key in supporting a more inclusive government procurement process
4. Sustainability
  • Key message 1: Small and Medium Business (SMB) play a critical role in helping a country achieve its Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
  • Key message 2: Governments should partner with SMBs to enable the green transformation  

Our partners

Keeping up with regulatory updates

Join the coalition to get access to regulatory updates from across Asia.

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Prosperous APAC: Digital Economy Enablers

Our activities

We brought DPA to Seoul

Our first roadshow in South Korea was a success! The roadshow was held in Seoul on 11 October with a brief media session and a networking lunch. It was an excellent opportunity to drive shared prosperity across Asia digitally with…

Prosperous APAC: Digital Economy Enablers

In 2021, Asia Pacific (APAC) accounted for 37% of the globalGross Domestic Product (GDP), up from 26% ten years ago.Fast- growing Internet penetration, increasing purchasing power andexpanding trade links have fueled the growth, but new headwindsare emerging. In a world…

About Us

We are an organization consisting of a growing group of innovative Asian digital companies promoting the democratization of digital technologies across all sectors.


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