Coalition Launches in India to Help Drive Digital Transformation

  • India currently has 825.3 million Internet subscribers and 99% of India’s urban population are online
  • The goal of the regional chapter is to contribute to the digital transformation of India by aligning itself with the government’s Digital India, Skill India, Make in India, and Startup India initiatives

The Digital Prosperity for Asia Coalition (DPA) India chapter was launched on 22 November 2022. As the first pan-Asia Pacific (APAC) focused alliance built by home grown APAC companies, the India Chapter seeks to provide support to India’s policymakers to drive the digitalisation of the economy.

Sanjeev Kumar Gupta from Karnataka Digital Economy Mission gave a keynote address and highlighted that the DPA is a good platform for startups to come together to contribute to the discussion on how to drive the Digital India initiative. A special address was also given by Navratan Katariya from K-Tech Centre of Excellence for AI & IoT who highlighted the potential of India with its rapidly expanding startup ecosystem.

The launch event included a panel discussion with DPA members from various countries including Codomo, Kinobi, Quickwork, and Innovobloc. The panel discussed a range of issues ranging from the importance of compliance to a need for a strong policy ecosystem to equip startups to move towards innovation efficiently.

As an organisation consisting of a growing group of like-minded, innovative, and home-grown Asian digital companies, the DPA is looking forward to connecting and meeting with more companies that are excited about partnering with policymakers and stakeholders to understand the challenges of growing the digital economy for local value creation and for shared economic prosperity across APAC.

The coalition currently has 23 members and 2 partners from various countries across the APAC region.

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